At Tailor Business Consulting, we work with growth-related tasks across industries, ie. with companies engaged in the Business2Business and Business2Government markets. This means that we help companies create profitable growth in both the public and private sectors.

In addition to the construction industry, we have over the years acquired experience from other industries, among others the restaurant industry, the IT industry, the cleaning industry, the automotive industry and the logistics and transport industry. As a notable reference, we helped in the middle of 2000 a smaller family-owned company in the restaurant industry winning 2 larger canteen orders with a total revenue of more than 50 million. DKK.

We are sincerely humble when it comes to the individual industry outside the scope of the construction industry and rely mainly on our customer experience and insights. We are, on the other hand, less humble when it comes to our growth-related services that we offer our customers in the construction industry, from which we have massive experience (read more about this under Products).

If you want a dialogue on how we can help you grow your business or solve other management-related challenges, please feel free to contact us for a noncommittal meeting.