Tailor Business Consulting was founded in 2018 by Martin Lund Knudsen.

Martin Lund Knudsen (b. 1978) has a long career in the NCC Group, where he started as 13-year-old in Superfoss Construction and stopped in NCC Denmark at the age of 40 in 2018 as Vice President for Market, Sales, Tenders and Project Development and member of the Danish Executive Board.

Martin has been involved in sales and business since 2001. In the middle of the financial crisis (in 2009), Martin took over the full sales responsibility in Denmark. In cooperation with the rest of the organisation, this resulted in NCC 7 years later having doubled its turnover from 2.1 DKK billion to DKK 4.2 billion DKK, tripled the bottom line from 2.2% to 6.5% in gross profit (EBIT), reduced the number of tenders by over 80%, and increased employee satisfaction in sales from 77% to 93% (in Ennova test). All at a time when the majority of the construction business and construction companies throughout the Nordic region suffered major losses on turnover and profits.

This led, among other things, to the nomination as "Talent 100" in Berlingske Business and a nomination as "Top 50 Upcomer" in Dansk Erhvervsliv by Jyllandsposten and Dansk Aktie Analyze, 2014.

Martin's approach is to systematise sales work and ensure a close link between market, strategy, marketing, sales, offers and production in a way that ensures that nothing is left to chance neither in terms of speed or quality. This systematics surpasses everything the industry has seen so far; and the approach was proclaimed at NCC as a Best Practice across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and the Baltics.

"We from CASA. have been incredible satisfied with the callaboration with TBC in working with our sales processes, The methodical apporach that Martin uses, made us see the process in a new light, and has already paid off with the largest orderbook in the company´s history in 2020. I can whole hearttedly recommend TBC"

Quote: Torben Modvig CEO CASA i.e Group CEO at NORDSTERN 

It is this systematic approach to growth that Tailor Business Consulting is now bringing out to customers and players in the European construction industry.

In addition to our own ranks, Tailor Business Consulting has a strong network of business partners and subcontractors, which complements the competencies where it is necessary to ensure the absolute highest quality in the advisory.

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